Mudlarking for America

Sifting through the garbage of generation to find our country

  • Mudlarking for America

    Founding Toddlers

    Like everyone else on earth, I have fallen in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is just plain adorable and extremely talented. I have the entire soundtrack to Hamilton memorized. Unfortunately, now every time I think of Alexander Hamilton (did anyone else sing that in their head?  Just me?  OK) I see Lin. It is completely disconcerting to realize that A dot Ham was not all that. In fact, he was kind of a scum. So were all the “Founding Fathers” frankly. There is a TikTok series by a creator called Blackout___ called “Why They Are In Hell” (Go check it out. It’s worth watching. The Founding Father Slander series and…

  • Mudlarking for America

    The Aristocrats (or the war on women)

    Trigger warning:  I’m going to be talking about cis white men and Christians a lot.  Before you come into my comments and “not all men” or “not all Christians” me, I want you to do something.  Check these lists.   For men: Do you realize and acknowledge that cis white male privilege exists? Are you committed to using that privilege to uplift the voices of marginalized groups? Do you call out other cis white men who don’t believe this privilege exists or act in a disrespectful or violent way to marginalized groups? Do you believe in enthusiastic consent and practice it? For Christians: Do you follow the teachings of Jesus…

  • Mudlarking for America

    What are we doing?

    Everything is falling apart. Everyday there is one more thing that crumbles and sometimes it feels like it’s the ground under our feet that is completely disintegrating into nothingness. Things we thought we were are gone. Things we thought were gone are coming back. It’s pandemonium.  We are living in Tower Time as Byron Ballard tells us. Anyone who is familiar with tarot cards knows the tower is no good. The picture itself is terrifying. It’s a tower being hit by lightning and collapsing as two people fall out the window. If you draw it, it pretty much means you’re about to get your shit rocked. So if we are…