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The true story of a blue dot from a red sea that escaped

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    The Butterfly and the Water Buffalo

    So I’m listening to Yes, Please by Amy Poehler (if you haven’t read it, go now.  I’ll wait), and at one point she discussed how she loved being pregnant.  She said she loved it because she was large and took up so much space.  This makes no sense to me whatsoever because as long as I can remember I’ve been trying to take up less space.  I hate that I am so clunky and large.  I’m not even talking fat, which I am, but just my body.  My shoulders are broader than most men.  My feet are huge.  I’m tall and big boned.  Even my head is big with a…

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    Under the Arbor

    I was told once I was not hot. Ouch. After I dusted off the old ego, I thought “OK. Everyone has different taste.”  It was the reason I wasn’t hot that rankled. It was because I was…a mom. The implication being that I am somehow held apart from inspiring and having desire because I carried a child. Well, I’ll just hitch up my mom jeans and take my third eye and my hump and schlep on back to the bell tower. I hate to break it to all of you…moms like sex. How the hell do you think we all got pregnant in the first place?  Do you think we…

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    We Don’t Do That Here

    Blank look. “We don’t do that here.”  I got a lot of that after we moved. Things that I thought were normal were apparently not normal here. I would say things that happened while in Red State Hell, and people would look at me like I had seven heads. Let me back up. I was born and raised in the buckle of the Bible belt. My parents weren’t overly religious, but we did go to church every Sunday without fail. However, even that didn’t exempt me from being the target of an ardent campaign to convert me because the church I went to was Catholic. I received pamphlets by the…